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  • The FiltoSkim 3000 skims the debris off the water's surface to keep your pond a healthy environment for aquatic life.
  • FiltoSkim boasts powerful suction cleaning of pond surfaces when used with a 1250 - 5100 GPH pump (not included).
  • The FiltoSkim 3000 can be easily installed onto pond liner with included face plate and fittings.
  • FiltoSkim's durable basin houses the pump, protects its plumbing, and keeps the water's surface clear of floating debris.
  • Maintenance is simple with the easily accessible debris basket.
  • Includes self-adjusting, 10 x 4.5 in. fish-friendly door for easy cleaning.
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Hassle-free and debris-free!

The FiltoSkim 3000 skims the debris from the water's surface to maintain a healthier and cleaner environment for your pond's inhabitants. The skimmer includes all necessary parts for its simple installation and has a fish-friendly door. It promises simple installation, ease of use, and maintenance. Your fish will thank you!

Skimmer basin Removable cover Debris basket Adaptors Coupler Gasket Tubing Fish-friendly door Screws Nut plate Face plate
Dimensions 17 x 17 x 21 in.
Net Weight  8.7 lbs.
Flow Rate up to 5100 GPH
Operating Voltage n/a
Power Consumption n/a
Power Cable Length n/a
Strainer Basket Size 700 cu. in.
Water Level Variation up to 4.5 in.

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