biOrb Intelligent Heater 50W

SKU: 46003
  • 50 watt digital aquarium heater.
  • Suitable for all biOrbs and similar sized home aquariums.
  • Plugs into Powerpod (supplied).
  • Clear power cable.
  • Automatic safety cut off when out of water.
  • Safe non shatter polycarbonate construction.

As you probably know, you can still buy aquarium heaters that run directly off full voltage. That’s 120 volts in water. Shocked? It certainly doesn’t make it in to our “top ten of safety”. That’s why we turned to solid state technology. The result is an aquarium heater which runs off just 12 volts, the biOrb Intelligent Heater. It’s a simple fact; if you reduce the voltage you reduce the risk. It couldn’t be easier to use. Simply plug in and drop in. The heater is permanently set to 77°F. A built-in sensor checks and adjusts the water temperature 3000 times a minute and is accurate to 0.5°F. Accuracy means it’s more economical. The Intelligent Heater uses less electricity than a traditional aquarium heater. Typically, it costs just pennies per day to run. It’s a tough little thing. Traditional aquarium heaters are made from glass. The Intelligent Heater is made from polycarbonate which is much stronger. This means you can safely place the heater within your décor without fear of damaging it. Small, but mighty. The Intelligent Heater is suitable for all of the biOrb range and similar sized home aquariums.

Intelligent heater x 1
Powerpod x 1
Changeable clip-on covers in white and black
Suction cup for heater

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