biOrb Blue / Purple Plant Pack - Medium

biOrb Blue / Purple Plant Pack - Medium
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• Use these colorful plastic aquarium plants to add interest to your aquarium.
• Compatible with Freshwater/Saltwater/Tropical aquarium set ups.

The biOrb Blue/Purple Plant Pack is designed for use in the biOrb. Instead of a large plastic base these plants have a heavy round ball on the base of the plant which makes it easy to sit the plant in the biOrb and holds it in place. Use a number of packs in the same color to create a striking effect or mix and match with other styles to suit your taste. Plant packs are suitable for 8 gallon / 30 liter or larger biOrbs. Included in each pack are one small at 7.87 inches / 20 cm in height and one medium at 11.42 inches / 29 cm in height.

biOrb Plant Pack x 1

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biOrb Blue / Purple Plant Pack - Medium
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biOrb Blue / Purple Plant Pack - Medium