OASE Fountain Pump 320

OASE Fountain Pump 320
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• Ideal for continuous operation and minimal maintenance within bubbling stones, statuary fountains and decorative fountains up to 6.2 ft.
• Quiet, energy efficient motor maintains the peaceful environment of any outdoor sanctuary or indoor water feature.
• The compact design allows Fountain Pumps to fit perfectly into existing fountains and water features.
• Features suction cup feet on the bottom of the pump for stabilization.
• Adjustable flow control fine-tunes the flow rate and pumping height.
• Grounding plate provides unparalleled protection against electrical hazards in your fountain.
• A 16 ft. power cord with a smaller plug size allows for easier setup and installation.
• 2 year included warranty plus an additional 1 year with online product registration

Fountain pumps - the fountain’s workhorses - are compact in design and powerful in speed, built to optimize any water feature. They offer variations in speed, volume and power consumption and require minimal maintenance. They boast a built-in adjustable flow control dial to fine-tune the flow rate and pumping height. Our pumps are quiet, efficient and promote a peaceful outdoor living space.

What’s in the Box
2 adaptors (1/2”, 3/4”)
Dimensions 3.97 x 2 x 3.09 in.
Inlet Connection 3/4 in.
Max. Flow Rate 320 GPH
Max. Head Height 6.2 ft.
Models Fountain Pump
Outlet Connection 1/2 in.
Power Cable Length 16 ft.
Power Consumption 23W
Power Requirements 120V / 60 Hz
Usage Type Submersed only
Limited Warranty 2 + 1 Years

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