OASE Vulkan Nozzle 37-2.5K

OASE Vulkan Nozzle 37-2.5K
OASE Vulkan Nozzle 37-2.5K
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The Vulkan 37 - 2.5 K fountain nozzle creates a dramatic, eye-catching vertical spray that enhances water displays, creating a high impact visual effect that complements water and landscapes. A classic, iconic fountain effect is created, making the Vulkan 37 - 2.5 K nozzle the obvious choice for the sophisticate who appreciates classic lines and time-honored traditionalism. Its impact is rooted in elegant simplicity. The water spray is 6.58 feet high and 4.25 feet in diameter when powered by the Neptun 1600 fountain pump. Visual impact can be enhanced by utilizing the Neptun 2600 fountain pump to create a spray of water 12.7 feet high and 7.58 feet in diameter. A one-inch opening makes fountain pump connectivity easy, and plastic construction ensures durability while minimizing maintenance. The LunAqua Classic 3 light set (sold separately) can be used to highlight the fountain display at night. Water features that incorporate the Vulkan 37 - 2.5 K fountain nozzle will epitomize elegant sophistication and provide a classic centerpiece for your water feature.
Models Fountain Nozzles
Nozzle Connection 1 in. female (threaded)
Spray Pattern with Neptun 1600: 4.25 x 6.58 ft. (W x H); with Neptun 2600: 7.58 x 12.7 ft. (W x H)
Limited Warranty 1 year

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OASE Vulkan Nozzle 37-2.5K
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