OASE Lava Nozzle 36-10K (1 inch)

OASE Lava Nozzle 36-10K (1 inch)
OASE Lava Nozzle 36-10K (1 inch)
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The Lava fountain nozzle adds a unique visual dimension to any pond or lake, artificial or natural, and serves to enhance the surrounding landscape. The nozzle produces a light and modern spray and presents a bell-shaped water wall with an arcing display. Add bubbles to produce a single column of water for a more modern effect. The Lava nozzle requires minimal effort with maximum impact. A one-inch opening makes fountain pump connectivity easy, and plastic construction ensures durability while minimizing maintenance. The choice of fountain nozzle is important--the first step in designing your fountain is to determine what kind of spray column you prefer. The height of the spray--and the type and amount of nozzles--will determine the size of the pump. The choice of nozzle also determines the amount and intensity of light needed. The lava fountain nozzle adds a peaceful tranquility to any outdoor or indoor setting. Avoid setting up the Lava fountain in a space that is frequently impacted by winds as it might alter the water pattern.
Models Fountain Nozzles
Nozzle Connection 1 in. (threaded)
Spray Width with Neptun 1600: 2.9 ft. with Neptun 2600: 2.9 ft.
Limited Warranty 1 year

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OASE Lava Nozzle 36-10K (1 inch)
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OASE Lava Nozzle 36-10K (1 inch) OASE Lava Nozzle 36-10K (1 inch)