OASE AquaActiv Sludge Remover

SKU: 45378
  • AquaActiv Sludge Remover improves filter efficiency, controls odors, maintains a healthy ecosystem, and reduces organic build-up on the bottom of the pond by controlling sludge.
  • AquaActiv Sludge Remover works in tandem with AquaActiv Water Clarifier.
  • Ideal when opening your pond, throughout the spring season, and before closing your pond for the year.
  • AquaActiv Sludge Remover can be used as a beneficial bacteria in the pond.
  • It is non-toxic to fish, pets, wildlife, and aquatic plants.
  • A 18 oz. bottle treats ponds up to 1,080-gallons.

AquaActiv Sludge Remover improves filter efficiency, helps maintain a healthy ecosystem, and reduces foul odors. The AquaActiv Sludge Remover infuses beneficial bacteria into your pond to break down organic loads and fish waste that sink to the pond bottom and create sludge. The AquaActiv Sludge Remover is comprised of good bacteria and contains over 1 billion CFU's. The formula breaks down toxins and residue on the pond floor and controls odors, maintaining a healthy balance in the ecosystem.

Volume 18 oz.
Treats Ponds up to 1080 gallons

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