Water Gardening

OASE has been hard at work perfecting our product offerings to better suit your water gardening needs. We strive to create not only well performing tools, but are constantly revisiting our designs to ensure that we are providing products that are innovative and easy to deploy!
Water Gardening
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OASE PondNet
OASE PondNet
OASE Vitronic 9
OASE Vitronic 9
OASE EPDM Pond Liner 20 x 20 ft.
OASE Waterfall Spillway with Filtration
OASE Vinyl Tubing
OASE Corrugated Tubing 20' x 1" ID
OASE Waterfall Spillway
OASE Pond and Stone Sealant
OASE Ceramic Turquoise Pouring Vase Spitter
OASE Flow Regulator 1.5"
OASE Antique Koi Spitter
OASE FiltoCap
OASE FiltoCap
OASE Ceramic White Pouring Pitcher Spitter
OASE Aquatic Plant Basket
OASE Seaming Tape
OASE Flexible Tubing 50' x 2" ID
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OASE Flexible Tubing 100' x 2" ID
OASE Corrugated Tubing 100' x 2" ID
OASE EPDM Pond Liner 15 x 20 ft.
OASE EPDM Pond Liner 15 x 15 ft.
OASE Corrugated Tubing 20' x 1.5" ID
OASE Lighted Waterfall Spillway 14 in. with White LED
OASE Lighted Waterfall Spillway 12 in. with Blue LED
OASE Tradux Wall and Liner Transition
OASE Floating Lily Pads
OASE Corrugated Tubing 50' x 2" ID
OASE Corrugated Tubing 20' x 3/4" ID
OASE PondLess Basin 24 in.
OASE Y-Distributor 1.5"
OASE Multi WD 1"
OASE Connection cable 12V AC / 50 ft. /01
OASE PondJet Illumination Set
OASE LunAqua Classic LED Set 3
OASE LunAqua 3 Halogen
OASE LunAqua 10 Halogen
OASE Underwater Transformer UST 150/A/01
120 results
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