OASE Waterfall Spillway with Filtration

SKU: 45387
  • The Waterfall Spillway with Filtration creates stunning waterfalls and disappearing water features with an eye-catching cascade of sparkling water
  • Comes with an extended spillway for easy installation and is constructed of UV high impact plastic
  • Filter foam keeps spillway clear of debris, enabling its dramatic presentation
  • Contains bio-media that helps promote the growth of beneficial bacteria
  • Easily mounts to any liner, and its 16 in. wide spillway allows for a generous cascade
  • Supplements the pond's aeration, boosting ecosystem health for plants and fish
  • Limited lifetime warranty
Coupler Gasket Adapter Bio-media with bag Filter foam Clips Cover Anchoring Flange Screw
Dimensions 20.7 x 18.5 x 11.3 in.
Net Weight 7.9 lbs.
Inlet Size 1.5 in.

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