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  • The AquaSkim is an in-pond surface skimmer that can be effortlessly installed in existing ponds.
  • The AquaSkim is the ideal supplement for AquaMax Eco Premium pumps; adjust the pump for optimum performance of the AquaSkim.
  • Use the AquaSkim's wide base to place stones for easy stabilization.
  • Easily and quickly maintain the AquaSkim with its removable debris basket.
  • The telescopic design allows for easy installation for a wide range of pond depths.
  • This skimmer automatically adjusts to a drop in water level, down to 6 in.
  • 2 year warranty

Your pond is the focal point of your outdoor space - it invites wonder, relaxation and interest. Fish and plant life draw the eye to layers of interest within its banks. AquaSkim is an in-pond surface skimmer and the ideal partner for the second input of the AquaMax Eco Premium pump series. A skimmer can be cost-effectively integrated directly into the filter system. This round skimmer with filter basket can also be used without danger to smaller fish. It is easy to install and can be used on existing ponds.

Skimmer base Skimmer riser tube Upper skimmer housing Skimmer basket Skimmer float Hose tail adaptor Sch40 Adaptor Retaining nuts Hose clamp Gaskets
Dimensions 14 x 32 in.
Net Weight  4.01 lbs.
Flow Rate up to 4200 GPH
Operating Voltage n/a
Power Consumption n/a
Power Cable Length n/a
Tubing Connector 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2 in.
Height Adjustment (single/dual tube) 8-15 in. / 15-22 in.
Strainer Basket Size 85 cu. in.
Water Level Variation up to 6 in.

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