OASE ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Spotlight

SKU: 72377
  • Ideal for illuminating fountains, ponds, and garden landscapes.
  • Adjustable head for alignment of the beam angle.
  • IP68 rated and safe for use in or out of the water to a depth of 13 ft. (4 m)
  • Only works when connected to EGC Controller and underwater LED Controller (not included).
  • Easily control the various RGB illumination effects with an app (iOS or Android)
  • Compatibility with ProfiLux Garden LED Controller promises safe and easy operation and ability to connect up to 4 spotlights for maximum effect.
  • Includes 1 spotlight with 16.5 ft. power cable and 1 ground stake
  • Fully control OASE Easy Garden Control (EGC) products using an app on your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android).
  • Included 2 year warranty + 1 with online registration

The robust IP68 ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Spotlight, with patented OASE underwater connection technology, creates various color changing effects and lighting programs in fountains, ponds, and garden landscapes. The low voltage ProfiLux Garden LED RGB Spotlight is safe for use in or out of the water to a water depth of 13 feet (4 m). This spotlight is part of the new Easy Garden Control (EGC) family which means it can be conveniently controlled and monitored via tablet or smartphone app, with the aid of the EGC Controller Cloud. If any technical or performance problems occur, a notification will be sent via the app so a resolution can be found immediately. Each underwater LED Controller (not included) can be flexibly extended to four spotlights.

1 spotlight with 16.5 ft. power cable

1 ground stake

Dimensions 3 x 3 x 4.5 in.
Net weight 1.76 lbs.
Operating Voltage 110 V / 60 Hz
Power Consumption light fixture 6 watts per light
Cable Length 24V 16.5 ft.
Illuminant Type LED
Number of individual LEDs 3 each
Light color RGB
Light flux all 213
Light flux red 64
Light flux green 114
Light flux blue 35
Beam angle 25 degrees

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