biOrb technology means you don’t need to be an aquatics expert to enjoy a biOrb. Everything you’ll need to get started is included. Built-in LED lighting, a pump, filter and easy to follow full color instructions. You’ll soon be having fun creating aquascapes inside your new biOrb.

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biOrb Service Kit x3 plus Water Optimizer
biOrb Service Kit
biOrb Airstone assists with the oxygenation of your biOrb to maintain a healthy environment for your fish.
Safe, low voltage replacement air pump for any sized biOrb.
biOrb Cleaner Pump
biOrb Marble Pebble Set white
biOrb Ceramic Media is the biological part of the filtration process – as the aquarium cycles, the media slowly gets populated with beneficial bacteria, which makes your aquarium easier to care for.
biOrb Maintenance Kit
biOrb Moss Pebbles
The biOrb MCR Light Accessory is an innovative lighting solution for your biOrb with 16 preset colors.
The bubble tube guard is a clear cap which sits over the top of the bubble tube to prevent objects and fish from getting into the bubble tube, located in the center of your biOrb aquarium.
The biOrb Heater Pack contains a 50 watt standard aquarium heater capable of heating the water in any biOrb up to 16 gallons / 60 liters.
biOrb Marble Pebble Set green
The Humidimist pack includes specially formulated remineralized water with low conductivity and reduced minerals to prevent precipitation in your biOrbAIR.
biOrb Bubble Tube Cleaner
biOrb Aquatic Topiary Ball Set 3
biOrb Flower Ball green
biOrb Sea Lily white
biOrb Sea Fan small white
biOrb Marble Pebble Set black
biOrb Caulerpa green
biOrb Easy Plant Set small green
50 watt digital aquarium heater. Suitable for all biOrbs and similar sized home aquariums.
biOrb Decor Set 30L Stone Garden
biOrb Sea Lily crimson
biOrb Easy Plant Set large green
The biOrb MCR Light Accessory is an innovative lighting solution for your biOrb with 16 preset colors.
biOrb Decor Set 30L Pink Ocean
biOrb Sea Shell Set 3 white
biOrb Aquatic Color Ball purple
biOrb Sea Urchins Set 3 black
biorb Winter Fern Set 2
biOrb Water Optimiser
biOrb Green Water Clarifier
biOrb Scratch Remover Accessory Pack
biOrb Decor Set 15L Flower Garden
225 results
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