OASE Nozzle Set (1/2 in.)

OASE Nozzle Set (1/2 in.)
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The four-pattern nozzle set is the most diverse nozzle in the collection--offering bell, trumpet, arch and two-tier water designs. All settings offer exquisite cascades of water, creating an engaging focal point for your landscape and waterscape. Constructed of durable plastic material to minimize maintenance, this four-pattern nozzle set connects to the fountain pump through a ½ inch (13mm) opening and extends to a height of 5 inches (127mm). The four-pattern nozzle set is designed to work with the Fountain Pump (320 or 525 model), the Aquarius Universal Pump (180-370 models), or the Pond Pump (225, 350, or 575 models). The fountain attachments can be paired with OASE LunAqua Classic 3 light set to create a dual effect that is both entrancing and sublime. Whether your landscape embodies clean lines and calls for a more modern, polished water pattern; or your preference leans toward classic and traditional, the flexibility of the four-pattern nozzle set makes it the optimal solution.
Models Fountain Nozzles
Pump Connection 1/2 in.
Limited Warranty 3 years

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